Degrees and Certifications

B.S.- Bachelors of Science in exercise science from Brigham Young University
D.C.- Doctorate of Chiropractic from Logan College of Chiropractic
M.S.- Masters of Science in Sports Science and Rehabilitation from Logan University
C.S.C.S.- Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the National Strength and Conditioning Association
I.H.S.- Internal Health Specialist from the Loomis Institute and Logan College
C.C.W.P.- Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner from the International Chiropractic Association
A.K.- 100 hour course in applied kinesiology at Logan College of Chiropractic
B.S.I.- Certified in the Technique Bio-Systems Integration

About Dr. Orton

Born and raised in La Grande, Oregon. Dr. Orton was a very active youth, participating in various activities which he still enjoys today including basketball, football, soccer, hiking and camping. His first experience with a chiropractor was one week before varsity soccer tryouts he strained a leg muscle that made it difficult to kick and sprint. A visit to the doctor gave him prescription for anti-inflammatories and 4 weeks of rest, scared of missing the tryouts his parents took him to a chiropractor who assessed his hips and spine, made some corrections, worked on some muscles and taught him how take care of it. In 2 visits Dr. Orton was able to attend tryouts and make the team. This left an impression and later on down the road Dr. Orton chose to pursue a career as a Chiropractor after completing bachelor’s at BYU in exercise science.

While at BYU Dr. Orton married his beautiful wife and have since welcomed three beautiful children into the world. Dr. Orton attended Chiropractic school in St. Louis Missiouri at Logan College of Chiropractic, where he also completed a Masters in Sports Science and Rehabilitation, which led him to Meridian Idaho to complete an internship at the Spine Institute of Idaho. Since completion of the internship Dr. Orton has started a practice in Meridian Idaho.

New Patient Paperwork

Metabolic Assessment Form


Pain and injuries
If you have pain from an injury recent or long-standing you someone who can assess, diagnose and put you on the road to recovery. Dr. Devin has experience and training in doing just that and does it everyday.  Dr. Devin’s integrative approach assures that your injury is looked at from multiple view points and the best therapies are chosen.

Chronic Pain
If you are suffering from a chronic situation whether from an original or old injury, or unexplained pain, we understand your frustration.  You need a practitioner who knows how to integrate various helpful techniques from chiropractic, acupuncture and physical therapy and rehabilitation.  Most importantly a practitioner that understands and can assess the chemistry of your body, pain is a chemical phenomenon.  Meaning certain toxins and/or nutrient deficiencies are involved.

Muscle Activation
Dr. Devin is a muscle doctor.  Muscle activation is the science and art of isolating and testing individual muscles to find which muscles aren’t functioning correctly and determining the reason and re-activation the muscle using treatments and reflexes.  It is a powerful technique that rapidly restores function and speeds up healing.  This is done prior to rehabilitation, once the muscles are activated and balance restored now specific rehab exercises can be administered with greater effect.  Muscle activation helps all injuries and is especially useful for athletes even for prevention of injuries.  Please get a free consultation and demonstration.

Foundational Healing
Foundational Healing is Dr. Devin’s approach to chronic diseases and optimal health.  It is a recognition of the body’s foundational system for example the digestive system, immune system and detoxification system.  Many chronic diseases and the breakdown of overall health can be traced to dysfunction of these systems, instead of trying chase the symptoms these foundational systems are supported through holistic therapies like chiropractic, Meridian Therapy, microcurrent,  and targeted nutrition/supplements.  Many chronic diseases can be resolved by this approach.

Kinesiology Taping
Kinesiology means movement and taping is a way to assist and stabilize a joint and surrounding muscles.  You may have seen colorful strips of tape on athletes at the last Olympics.
Kinesio-tape is technique and therapy used in the office to help stabilize a joint but still allow it range of motion and movement.  It is a fantastic addition to muscle activation for our patients.

Neurotransmitter Balancing
Our nervous system runs our whole body.  There is a nerve connecting almost every part of our body to the brain.  Neurotransmitters connect all the nerves in our brain and body.  Neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, GABA and acetylcholine connect all the nerves and are especially important for brain chemistry effecting things like sleep, mood, depression, anxiety, and hormones.  Dr. Devin uses questioners developed by leading doctors in the field and in office exams to determine neurotransmitter imbalance and uses holistic techniques and supplements to bring the brain and neurotransmitters into balance.

Functional Movement
Functional movement has to do with assessing the proper range of motion at each joint of the body and your ability to accomplish simple movements like a proper squat, lunge and upper body range of motion.  In the office Dr. Orton performs a functional movement screen on most everyone, this is valuable for rehab, optimal help and prevention.  Everyone can easily learn their problem areas and imbalances and how to correct and maintain functional movements patterns

Microcurrent is one of the only therapies that has been proving to increase ATP the bodies energy currency meaning it needs this to heal.  So microcurrent helps the body heals.  Dr. Devin uses specific frequencies that help the different tissues of the body.  In Dr. Devin’s office only therapies that are minimally invasive and assist the body’s healing capabilities. Microcurrent is great in every program, especially chronic pain syndromes.

Blood Chemistry
Blood chemistry is an excellent screening tool and is used very widely.  But when was the last time you had a Physician look at your blood chemistry from a optimal health/prevention standpoint.  Functional Blood Chemistry readings focus on optimal health patterns and recognizing things before they become pathological or in a disease state.  When patterns are recognized a plan can be made to holistically approach and correct the patterns.

Client Reviews

  • When my previous chiropractor retired, Dr. Devin took over his practice and I decided to try him out once before starting my search for a new chiropractor. Dr. Devin was able to relieve my pain and has never failed to fix me up since. What I like best about working with Dr. Devin is his expertise in chiropractic medicine and his kind personality. For these reasons I would recommend someone who is in pain to schedule an appointment with Dr. Devin.

    Bonnie C.

  • I was suffering from neck and back pain before seeing Dr. Devin. After listening to my concerns, he explained the treatment plan and answered all of my questions. After our session he recommended some supplements to improve my health and they have been exactly what I have needed. His ability to make me feel better and his recommendations is why I continue to see him and have no need to go anywhere else. It’s great knowing he is just a phone call away.

    Terri M.

  • Dr. Devin has been helping me with my plantar fasciitis and back pain resulting from stress. Dr. Devin has helped remove the stress from my body causing my back pain and we are now working through my plantar fasciitis. I like how working with Dr. Devin I feel better within a day or two and recommend him to others because how he heals the body holistically.

    Sherry B.

  • Before seeing Dr. Devin I had chronic knee pain and suffered from general body stress. Upon working with Dr. Devin I experience improved energy, mobility, and overall health improvement. Prior to working with Dr. Devin I went to Dr. Parto another chiropractor in his office and based on her recommendation went to see Dr. Devin. He is a genuine healing person and I enjoy the security in knowing I have a practitioner available to me who is effective.

    Joan S.

  • I didn’t realize I needed Dr. Devin’s help with my health. Since seeing Dr. Devin I have improved my health and appreciate how he listens and continues to help me.

    Annette H

  • Dr. Devin was highly recommended to me for my stress, asthma and GERD. After the first appointment I have noticed a great deal of improvement feeling more relaxed and less stressed. Dr. Devin is efficient at getting right to the problem, and has a kind calming manner about him as well. His innovative ways encompass a number of paths and has me hopeful for my healing.

    Tonya H.

  • I came to Dr. Devin with terrible knee pain and consistent neck issues. Dr. Devin patiently worked on my knee and neck while also addressing other things that cropped up during my treatment. Today I am relatively pain free. After seeing Dr. Devin I always feel balanced and aligned, he seems to be in touch with whatever I need to align optimally.

    Shelley H.