Hello, I’m Sydney Stinson, co owner of CF&M. My interest in massage therapy began in high school when my mom started receiving regular massage to help manager her pain from fibromyalgia. After just a few sessions I started seeing how much it reduced her pain and improved her overall well-being. I also started getting regular massage to help with my shoulder pain from playing volleyball. Again, after just a few sessions I felt a drastic decrease in pain and my range of motion had greatly improved. This made me want to help provide that feeling of relief for others, so I decided to pursue a career in massage therapy after high school.
In 2013 I completed my massage training at the Milan Institute in Nampa, Idaho and I absolutely love my job! My massage is tailored to each client and includes Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, and Thai massage techniques, with my specialty being neck work. So, whether you have chronic pain, are healing from an injury, or just want to relax, I am here to help you reach your goals.

Swedish, Deep Tissue and Prenatal